Japanese Joint Custody Petition

November 23, 2009

Thank you, Kevin, for forwarding this on to us:

http://kyodosinken. com/wp-content/ uploads/2009/ 09/seigan200909. pdf

The above link is to a joint custody petition. It is in Japanese and it is used by some of the groups in Japan that are pushing for joint custody. If you have any friends in Japan please send them this link and ask them to sign the petition. Then they can send it to the address at the bottom of the petition. The petition will end up going to the Diet. The more petitions that are sent in the stronger our case will be for joint custody.

One Response to “Japanese Joint Custody Petition”

  1. http://nishiyama98.wordpress.com/

    I am a Japanese. I am not good at the English.

    Joint custody is not accepted in Japan. Therefore there are a lot of parent who cannot meet a child.

    Mother generally has parental authority in Japan. And she disturbs that father meets a child.

    Because oneself does not want to meet, it is a thought not to meet a child. She ignores the human rights of father and the child.

    Please look at the image which I uploaded.

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