May 24 Left Behind Parent Press Conference, Tokyo

May 22, 2010

Details for Press Conference at The Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan on May 24:

By Fujiko Goto, Thierry Consigny, Hiroaki Morita and Masako A Suzuki
At present, there is an intense debate within the media in Japan, Japanese Federation
of Bar Associations (Nichibenren), and Japanese government about whether Japan
should change current single custody system to joint custody system after divorce and
bring its Family Law to be consistent with international legal standards with respect to
joint custodial rights of children after divorce.

Contents of the conference are as follows:
1. The Japanese civil court deprives custody of children from one parent after
divorce without specific reason;
2. Domestic parental child abductions during the marriage before divorce;
3. Quite few visitation granted by Japanese civil courts to noncustodial parents; and
4. Presentation by left behind parents sharing their real life traumas with losing
all rights to their children after divorce and their children to share a meaningful life with them under the current Japanese system.

The following experts and left behind parents will contribute at the press conference, which is hosted by The Foreign Correspondents’ Club.

1. Fujiko Goto, Attorney at Law, registered with JFBA (Japan Federation of Bar
Associations, Nichibenren), Committee on Family Law Legislation.
2. Thierry Consigny, elected member of the Assembly for French Overseas
Nationals (AFE) for Japan and North Asia;
3. Hiroaki Morita, co-chairman of Japan Joint Custody Association
4. Masako A Suzuki, organizer of Left Behind Parents Japan.
URL of Left Behind Parents Japan.;
Venue: The Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan, Yurakucho Denki North Bldg. 20F
Yurakucho 1-7-1, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan URL:
Day: May 24, 2010,
Time: 3pm to 4:15pm
The press conference will be in Japanese (with English translation) and English
R.S.V.P. Tel: +81-3-3211-3161

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