Radiation being found in Fukushima children

July 1, 2011

Children living in the Fukushima area are beginning to show internal radiation exposure in urine tests that have been conducted recently:



Quite a few internationally abducted children are living in or near the radiation zone and left-behind parents are helpless to do anything about it, and are not even able to communicate with them and get information about them.

How can subjecting children to this be considered “in the best interests of the child”?

The international parental abduction issue in Japan has gone beyond being a human rights issue and has become an issue concerning the protection of children’s health and lives.

One Response to “Radiation being found in Fukushima children”

  1. 金吾 said

    Please help children in Fukushima.

    Unbelievable Comment by Dr. Yamashita
    If you are smiling, you will not have any radiation effect.
    If you are not smiling, you will have radiation effect.

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