Douglas Galbraith’s book, “My Son, My Son,” is a heart wrenching account of how his two sons were internationally abducted to Japan by their Japanese mother.  His story has the same patterns as so many other cases in which children have been abducted to Japan, including complicity by the Japanese government in issuing Japanese passports to make the international kidnapping possible.  The father already had in his possession the children’s Japanese and British passports, and the Japanese Consulate made no attempt to get  both parents’ permission before issuing duplicate passports for the Japanese mother.

A work in progress version of “From the Shadows,” a documentary about family child abductions in Japan, will be screened in Tokyo on April 9 at 6:00 PM.  This is being supported by the Harvard Club of Japan and will be held at the Tokyo Foundation (map).

There will also be a seminar earlier in the day starting at 1:00 pm. Dr. Colin Jones and Dr. Akiko Ohnogi will be presenting and it is shaping up to be a very educational day with many perspectives to be shared, and ideas to be exchanged.

The 4,000 yen charge for the film screening will go to cover the cost of the venue and also fund our final stages of post-production, notably the online edit and the sound mix. If you would like to attend one or both events, please RSVP to john Gomez at: .

Here is a video invitation to the screening:

William Lake’s daughter was abducted by his Russian wife to Japan 7 years ago.  The daughter, now 15, voluntarily returned to the U.S. to be with her father.