Excerpt from Left-behind Parent Douglas Galbraith’s Book

March 26, 2012

Douglas Galbraith’s book, “My Son, My Son,” is a heart wrenching account of how his two sons were internationally abducted to Japan by their Japanese mother.  His story has the same patterns as so many other cases in which children have been abducted to Japan, including complicity by the Japanese government in issuing Japanese passports to make the international kidnapping possible.  The father already had in his possession the children’s Japanese and British passports, and the Japanese Consulate made no attempt to get  both parents’ permission before issuing duplicate passports for the Japanese mother.


One Response to “Excerpt from Left-behind Parent Douglas Galbraith’s Book”

  1. David said

    This excerpt from Douglas’s book is really moving and very well written. There are so many similarities with my story and I am sure with that of most left-behind parents.

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