Hague information for LBPs requesting visitation

February 12, 2014

The following has kindly been translated for Children’s Rights Council of Japan by a U.S. licensed attorney who is a native speaker of Japanese. It is a translation of the Japanese Central Authority’s Application for Visitation Procedures section and is for those parents who are residing in the United States seeking Visitation Rights for Children located in Japan.

LBPs Requesting Visitation
(With respect to the Hague Convention Central Authority)

1. Before Applying – Grounds for Dismissal
Those who request Visitation can apply for “Assistance for Visitation or Contacts with a Child in Japan” through the Central Authority. However, if any of the Grounds for Dismissals below apply (under Act for Implementation of the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction Article 18 (1)), your Application for Assistance will be dismissed. Therefore, Applicants must verify whether their Application fall under any of the following categories:

① The child is over 16 years old;
② It is known that the child is not present in Japan, and the country of the child’s presence is unknown;
③ It is known that the child is present in a Hague Non-Member country;
④ It is known that the child’s location and the Applicant’s (LBP’s) residence or habitual residence is within the same Hague Member country;
⑤ It is known that the Applicant’s residence or habitual residence in within Japan AND it is known that the LBP does not have a resident or a habitual resident in any other Hague Member country;
⑥ It was known that immediately prior to separation from the child, the child’s habitual residence was within a Hague Non-Member country; and
⑦ It is known that under the laws of the country, state or local area of the habitual residence of the child, immediately prior to the
separation of the child, the Applicant was prevented from visiting or meeting the child.

2. Brief Summary of Procedures
The following system is for Applicant’s whom are not able to see their children despite the fact that they have received Visitation Rights
accordingly to the laws of the original habitual residential country.

Hague chart

3. How to Submit an Application
As shown above, an Applicant may submit an Application to the Japanese Central Authority.

If the Applicant is submitting an application to Japanese Central requesting Support in Visitation or Other Contacts with the Child, Applicant must fill in and submit the Designated Application Form along with the Necessary Documents.
※ LBPs who are seeking Visitation Rights through Japanese Courts may also directly Petition to the Tokyo/Osaka Family Courts. For more information on how to petition, please directly contact a Japanese Attorney or the Tokyo/Osaka Family Courts (in the original document it advises the Applicant to contact any Japanese Family Court. However, under the page for “Request for Assistance in Return of a Child,” it only designates the Tokyo/Osaka Family Courts as a contact.) However, please note that the Japanese Family Courts only accept communications in Japanese.

4. Procedural Steps to be Taken by the Central Authority Upon Receipt of the Application
(1) Discovering the Child’s Whereabouts
In cases where the child’s caretaker is residing is unknown, the Central Authority, through assistance of the Japanese Administrative Agencies and/or the Local Public Agencies shall investigate the child and the caretaker’s whereabouts.
(2) Decision to Support
After reviewing the Application under the terms of the “Act for Implementation of the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (http://www.japaneselawtranslation.go.jp/law/detail_main?re=02&vm=04&id=2159), the Central Authority shall make a decision on whether or not to Assist the Applicant through either one of the following actions and notify the Applicant of the action.
(i) Decision to Assist;
(ii) Dismiss the Application; or
(iii) If the child is found to be residing in another Hague Member Country, the Central Authority shall forward the Copies of the Application along with the Accompanying Documents to that Country.
(3) Clerical Duties of the Central Authority upon Decision to Support the Application
If under the Hague Convention it is desirable to resolve the problem directly between the Taking Parent (TP), and the
Applicant, and the TP and would prefer mediation, the Central Office shall assist with Communications between the
Applicant and the person interfering the Contacts with the child, and refer the Applicant and the TP to other ADR
Agencies or Legal Professionals Referral Programs.

5. Family Court Procedures Regarding Child Visitation
Applicants who are requesting Visitation with a child residing in Japan through the Central Authority may separately Petition to the Japanese Family Courts for (Domestic) Litigation or Mediation.
Procedures for Visitation through the Japanese Family Courts basically shall be based on Domestic Laws of the Japanese Family Courts under normal procedures, unless the issue is to be handled specially for Jurisdictional Issues or Access to Court Records.
For further information on Family Court Procedures see: http://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/fp/hr_ha/page22_000873.html
(I shall be able to translate this section soon).

6. Support for Visitation (Introducing Parents to Parenting Coordinating Visitation Agencies in Japan)
By referring the involved parties to Parenting Coordinating Visitation Agencies in Japan, the Japanese Central Authority shall assist the involved parties with the (visitation) Orders decided upon Amicable Negotiations, Settlements, Mediation and Litigation.

One Response to “Hague information for LBPs requesting visitation”

  1. TheTimKai said

    On April 1, Japan will accede to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The government must now set up counselors, Lawyers, mediators (Which actually do their jobs) and give the grieving fathers in Japan access to their children.

    This has been a Long time coming and everyone is Happy japan has finally been forced to comply. Hope we have access to our children soon.
    Tim Johnston Japan

    Kai Endo Japan

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