President Obama finally seems to be talking about this issue with the prime minister of Japan.  The first U.S. president to do so.

Here is a youtube link with Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell’s comments about the meeting, in which he states that the need to address existing cases was also discussed when President Obama and Prime Minister Noda met:

The upcoming street demonstration by left-behind parents and their supporters, coinciding with Vice President Biden’s visit to Japan, will be held on August 23 in Tokyo. ┬áThis article in Modern Tokyo Times provides more details and background:




Below is a link to an interesting article in the Modern Tokyo Times that describes a possible approach to use for prosecuting family members and others who may be engaged in assisting child abductors.

Under the Pinkerton Rule, “each member of a conspiracy can be held criminally liable for the crimes that were committed by other members acting within agreement of the conspiracy”:

Below are links to two articles relating to Japanese child abduction just published online in the Modern Tokyo Times:

Here is a perspective from Lee Jay Walker of the Modern Tokyo Times, casting doubt on whether Japan’s recently announced intentions to sign the Hague Convention will really benefit foreign parents: