ABC conducted a group interview of over a dozen U.S. parents whose children have been abducted to Japan and will be covering this on their “World News” programs on Tuesday, February 15 and Wednesday, Feburary 16, and also on ABC Nightline on February 15.

A related video, photos, and other information is available at the following link:

Here is a link to the debate on HR1326 yesterday, September 28:

The video archive page has a 10 hour video on it.  To get to the part about HR1326 you can slide the dot on the bar over to the right about 25% of the way from the beginning and look for the time clock on the video that says “live” above it , and watch for the Pacific Time number to say 12:24 PM (or the Eastern Time number to say 3:24 PM). Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Howard Berman introduces the Resolution at about 12:24 PT on that clock.

Here is a link to a website which has edited the C-SPAN archive to the relevant portion, with slightly reduced sound quality: