embassy rally

On Saturday, October 3, 2009, Children’s Rights Council of Japan organized a “Free Christopher Savoie” Rally in front of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C., demanding that the Japanese government immediately release Christopher Savoie and reunite him with his children, and also acknowledge and resolve all other cases of child abductions in Japan. Speakers included CRC of Japan co-founder Walter Benda, U.S. Navy Commander Paul Toland, Amy Savoie (Christopher Savoie’s wife), Kay Kephart (an American grandmother imprisoned while trying to find her grandchildren), David Levy (head of the national Children’s Rights Council nonprofit organization), and 2 U.S. left-behind fathers, Randy Collins and Lance Litwiller. Media included CNN, NBC, CBS, NHK, FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK NEWS, TV TOKYO, KYODO NEWS, and documentary film maker Matt Antell, fromtheshadowsmovie.com. A candlelight vigil was held that evening in front of the White House.

Link to Video Slideshow of Oct. Rally and Vigil for Christopher Savoie (Music sample:  Trabryu “Road”)

CNN Campbell Brown video link

September 30, 2009

Here is the link for the Campbell Brown program aired on CNN on Sept. 29.

A special note about the parent interviewed in this segment, U.S. Navy Commander Paul Toland.  Paul is the sole surviving parent and his daughter is being retained in Japan by his former mother-in-law.  Paul’s case, and at least one other case we are aware of, is like the Elian Gonzalez case, but the aggrieved parent is from the United States, not Cuba, and the country blocking the sole surviving biological parent from contact with his child is Japan.



CNN will be discussing Christopher Savoie’s case tonight on the Campbell Brown show at 8PM Eastern Time.  Left-behind parent Paul Toland,  whose Japanese wife has died and whose child is being retained in Japan by his former mother-in-law, will appear on the program.