Children’s Rights Council of Japan recently detected an error in the online database of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) that was resulting in only two of the posters of American children believed to be abducted to Japan to show up on the NCMEC website.  NCMEC has corrected the problem, and there are now 13 posters involving 17 American children showing up on their website.  Children’s Rights Council of Japan has reposted these cases including the posters with additional details for each case at the following link:

Below is a listing of publicized cases of American children believed to have been abducted to Japan in violation of U.S. laws.  The source for this information is the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).   As of September 11, 2012, there were 13 cases involving 17 American children on the NCMEC website.  This represents only a small fraction of the total cases involving abductions to Japan, as this is only for U.S. citizen children believed to have been taken to Japan.  Also, many left-behind parents do not report their cases to NCMEC, and not all left-behind parents have agreed to go public with their cases using the NCMEC Poster Campaign.  For more details on each case, click on the “View Poster” link.


Gunnar and Kianna Berg

Melissa Braden

Keisuke Collins

Jonas and Owen Daikaibush

Hiroki Hagisaka

Sean Hillman

Marina Kaneda

Ezra Lui

Diona Peterson

Isaac and Rebecca Savoie

Wayne Sawyer

Hana Scordato

Takoda and Tiana Weed

Congressman Chris Smith has entered into the Congressional Record the names reported to him by left-behind American parents of children abducted to Japan.  Here is the link and also below is a listing of the children:

M.B., abducted to Japan July 21, 1995

E.B., abducted to Japan July 21, 1995

Ezra Lui, abducted to Japan November 13, 1999

Kaira Kelly Litwiller, abducted to Japan June 10, 2003

Takoda Tei Weed, abducted to Japan January 16, 2004

Tiana Kiku Weed, abducted to Japan January 16, 2004

Kento Didier Touboule, abducted to Japan October 15, 2005

Mary Victoria Lake, abducted to Japan August 2005

Kai Hachiya, abducted to Japan December 28, 2006

Masahiro Brown, abducted in Japan since April of 2007

David N. Gessleman, abducted to Japan May 13, 2007

Joshua K. Gessleman, abducted to Japan May 13, 2007

Kaya Summer Xiao-Lian Wong, abducted to Japan August 2007

Wayne Kosaku Sawyer, abducted to Japan December 15, 2008

Yuuki Patrick McCoy (Kojima), abducted in Japan August 17, 2008

Keisuke Christian Collins, abducted to Japan June 16, 2008

Sean Hillman, abducted to Japan July 5, 2008

Kana Sugiyama-Gomez, abducted to Japan April 10, 2008

Joe Yamada, abducted to Japan September 1, 2008

Grace Danielle Starr, abducted to Japan January or February 2009

Brian Senna Starr, abducted to Japan January or February 2009

‘‘Mochi’’ Atomu Imoto Morehouse, abducted to Japan June 23, 2010

Also, here is a link to the Congressional Record section with the speeches made by Congressmen Smith and Moran prior to the passage of House Resolution 1326.  Additional cases are mentioned in these statements as well: