Promotion of joint custody and parent-child contact after divorce

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1. Voice from divorced children [Don’t take my mom (dad) from me]
2. Parent –child contact after divorce between Maiko (fashion model) and her ex-husband
3. Panel Discussion
*Akira Aoki: Assistant Professor of Taisho University, Clinical Psychotherapist
*Hiromi Ikeuchi: Divorce and Marriage Counselor, commentator, writer,
*Noriko Odagiri: Professor of Tokyo International University, a doctor of psychology, Clinical Psychotherapist
*Hajime Kawamura: Assistant Professor of Chuo University, The representative of Oyako Net
*Takao Tanase: Professor of Chuo graduate of law, Attorney
*Maiko; fashion model, actress, she is doing parent-child contact after divorce
*Yoriko Madoka: Former Upper House Member, Former Vice President of Democratic Party, writer, commentator, the Representative of Hand –in Hand
*Hakubun Shimomura: Lower House Member. He has been spearheading a nonpartisan study group on this issue for lawmakers

Our Mission
*No abduction
*Obligation of parent-child contact after divorce (child support and visitation)
*Worldwide standard of visitation
Place Chuo University on Korakuen campass/Gogokan 5F 5534
Korakuen station 5minutes by walking [Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line&Nanboku Line]
Kasuga station 7 minutes by walking [ Toei Oedo Line & Mita Line]
Time from 10AM to 4PM

Street Demonstration No charge. Bring your banner, your kid’s picture, etc
Please wear greenish yellow colour T-shirst
Place Rekisen Park [ in front of Korakuen Station]
Time start from 4:30 [ we can meet 4PM]

Contact: Oyako Net…