We thank The Seoul Times for publishing this article by Shane Clarke:

The Seoul Times


August 28, 2009

It is not just Americans, Canadians, and British citizens who are affected by the parental abduction issue in Japan, but also Japanese as well as citizens of many other countries. Below is a link to a group focused on cases involving French citizens. They also have posted a complete copy of The Seoul Times article about the Shane Clarke case which might be a little easier to access than The Seoul Times link posted earlier on this blog, available at the following links:

The Seoul Times just published another article concerning Japanese child abductions, this one focusing on the case involving British citizen Shane Clarke, whose two daughters were kidnapped to Japan last year. Here is a link to the page where the article can be found:

What Shane has experienced is very typical, both as far as the Japanese government is concerned as well as his own government’s incompetency in assisting in any meaningful way to help reunite him with his children. Please send an email to the editor of The Seoul Times, Mr. Joseph Joh, at, thanking him for allowing this issue to be covered, and encouraging him to continue featuring this in future editions.